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Designed by Jeff Hyman, bestselling author, 4-time CEO, and head of Strong Suit Executive Search. The Quiz helps scale your business faster by pinpointing your #1 recruitment challenge.
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What Executives Say About Jeff 
“Jeff has been a trusted colleague & valuable sounding board as we’ve learned our recruiting craft. Like anyone who does it well, he’s made mistakes, studied best practices, and thankfully now shares his wisdom.”
~ Amy Vernetti, Director of Leadership Recruiting, Google
“Jeff has mined his unusually broad & deep experience as a leader, recruiter, teacher and student of talent to provide original and impactful ways organizations can create winning cultures. In a time of disruption and unpredictability, building a team of Rockstars is the surest way to not just survive, but excel.”
~ Christie Hefner, Former Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises
“Smart leaders listen to Jeff. When it comes to recruiting, he’s a whiz. This is the insider’s guide!”
~ David Cohen, Founder and Co-CEO, Techstars
About Jeff Hyman
Author of the best-seller book Recruit Rockstars, Jeff Hyman is the Chief Talent Officer at Strong Suit Executive Search. He's also a 4-time CEO who's raised over $50 million in venture capital. 

In addition, he's Adjunct Professor at the Kellogg School of Management where he teaches the course - Recruiting & Retaining Talent in Growth Companies.

With over 25 years in executive search and over 3000 hires, Jeff has been in your shoes.

He’s taken exhaustive notes on every hiring mistake, identified key patterns and crafted hiring strategies that actually work.

Now, he reveals exactly how you can avoid attracting less-than-ideal candidates by fine-tuning your recruitment process... for FREE!
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